Design Service

Sophisticated and welcoming spaces designed to capture brilliant design with seamless integrations of functional style. Welcome to Catherine La Marca Interior Design & Consulting.

Catherine’s inspiring imagination and her ability to make your visions a reality have made her one of the most decorated designers in our area.  Catherine is described by clients, peers and industry professionals as a sharp-witted designer who exudes an aura of grace and kindness to everyone she meets. 

Catherine La Marca has been designing interiors in the Tri-State areas for the past 15 years.  Drawing from her European culture and extensive travels throughout, she brings a sense of European standard of excellence in design, materials, and craftsmanship into the American sense of individual style.

Catherine has established excellent working relationships with the most desirable national and international contractors and vendors.   These deep-rooted relationships are cornerstone of Catherine’s ability to make rare and beautiful materials readily available to her clients.


The most important elements for success when working with an Interior Designer  are trust and comfort.  A relaxed, open, and honest relationship between you and your designer is essential.

Catherine’s clients receive her undivided attention as she works effortlessly to achieve a unique design based on the client’s individuality.  Every detail of her work is selected with care to create an image of beauty and serenity.

Catherine works to achieve a reflection of your unique style throughout the design process.  You will work directly with Catherine on choosing fabrics, colors, textures and everything that appeals to the eyes, imagination and beyond.

You should feel completely comfortable asking questions and providing your opinion and suggestions so that you and Catherine can create living spaces that exceed your expectations.    You know you have made a good choice when you see that your Designer is looking out for your best interest.

Prioritizing and organizing can sometimes be overwhelming.  Catherine can:

      Help you organize and plan so that the right choices are made.
      Present you with exciting, imaginative solutions for your needs and lifestyle.
      Guide you to the many opportunities available to you in the world of furniture, textiles, kitchen, bath etc.
      Help you discover and assist you in creating a décor that fits your needs.
      Help you set realistic expectations for your project.
      Help you visualize the finished project.

If you would like help getting started on a new project in your home or office, contact Catherine for a consultation.