Making your wooden curtain rods work with you

Posted by Super User

Wooden curtain rods add a charming design element to any room and they are also very durable.  One of the things I love most about wooden rods is their versatility.  Wood rods are available in so many different finishes such as historic white, gold leaf, lacquered natural, pewter,cherry,burnished gold, natural white, weathered white, honeymaple, matte black, gold, warm oak, and piano white.  You can choose the finish that best compliments your existing d├ęcor, or plan your design theme to match its finish.

Sometimes, clients feel that they have a hard time pulling their curtain panels together on the wooden rod.  The solution to this problem is simple!  Just take a white wax candle and rub it on the top part of the rod, your curtain rings will now glide very easily.  The same goes for old wood drawers, just rub a wax candle on the underside of the drawer and they will open and close like new.