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1. Plop a velvet pillow on every armchair

2. Serve your red wine in cut-crystal decanters

3. Freshen up your powder room with plain crisp linen hand towels

4. Liberate your closet, replace the wire hangers with wood ones

5. Cover your parchment lampshade with a colored silk taffeta

6. Light scented candles in your entry hall

7. Get a pair of large andirons

8. Serve light colored food on dark china and vice versa

9. Place a large silver bowl filled with apples on your cocktail table

10. Back your sofa with a long console table

11. Pair all armchairs with good reading lamps

12. Install dimmers in every light in the house

Guests for dinner and no centerpiece for the table? Do not worry! Find a pretty pedestal, urn or any other wide mouthed container and fill it with fruits or vegetables, remember the color scheme of the table and the atmosphere.  Recently when I had unexpected guests for dinner I pulled together a very pretty centerpiece by using an antique silver urn and filling it with oranges and lemons, after all, the food had a Mediterranean flavor too.